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Stroud Greenway


Regional Open Space, Greenway and Recreation Plans

srosrc-plan-iconStroud Region Open Space and Recreation Plan (2002) (1.8 MB .pdf) In a cooperative agreement, the municipalities of Stroudsburg, East Stroudsburg, and Stroud Township defined their collective needs, goals, and ideas for open space and recreation. The resultant study is a now planning tool for guiding future land preservation, focusing government, and community resources, meeting park and recreation needs, and initiating practical strategies important to each community and the Stroud Region as a whole.

Creeks-plan-iconBrodhead, McMichael, and Pocono Creeks Greenways Plan (2002) The Brodhead, McMichael, and Pocono Creeks Greenways Plan documents and analyzes existing conditions within the creek corridors. Building upon an understanding of current greenway features and desired use of the greenway system, options for its enhancement and development were identified. The detailed implementation plan outlines a step-by-step process for successful completion of the study’s recommendations.
Introduction (1.3 MB .pdf)
Chapter 1 – Data Analysis (15.8 MB .pdf)
Chapter 2 – Demand and Use (1 MB .pdf)
Chapter 3 – Protection and Enhancement (9 MB .pdf)
Chapter 4 – Implementation (1 MB .pdf)

LLT-plan-iconStroud Region Levee Loop Trail Master Plan (2005)  (15 MB .pdf) The Levee Loop Trail project encircles a segment of the Brodhead and McMichael Creeks and extends through the densely developed sections of Stroudsburg, East Stroudsburg, and Stroud Township.  The proposed Trail follows the top of the levee on both sides of the Brodhead Creek from Glen Park  to the Stroudsburg Municipal Authority, connecting several regional parks with approximately ten miles of trails.on

Godfrey-plan-iconGodfrey Ridge Greenway Feasibility Study (2000) (23 MB .pdf) This feasibility study evaluates the potential for establishing a greenway corridor and trail along the south side of the Brodhead Creek, roughly paralleling the route of the historic Stroudsburg to Water Gap Trolley line.
A video produced in 1999 promoting this connection is available on our Videos Page.

Godfrey-plan-iconFlagler Run Greenway Feasibility Study (2000) (24 MB .pdf) This feasibility study evaluates the potential for establishing a greenway corridor and trail along Flagler Run from Big Pines Park, through the Stroudsburg Area School District property on Chipperfield Rd., and to the Stroud Mall. It also includes a site development plan for Big Pines Park.

MCOS-iconMonroe County Open Space Plan (2001) The adoption of the comprehensive Monroe 2020 Plan in 1999 and its subsequent passage of the open space bond referendum were two major milestones that helped establish the framework for protecting, conserving, and enhancing Monroe County’s open space.

TGGB-plan-iconTerra Greens and Glen Brook Regional Parks Master Site Plan (2008) (6 MB .pdf) The study explored the potential to improve and expand recreational facilities at two existing golf courses and the potential linkages to municipal lands surrounding them, with the goal of developing recreation opportunities to enhance and preserve the Stroud Region open space.

G2G-plan-iconThe Glen to Glen Trail Feasibility Study (2013) (7 MB .pdf) attempts to determine whether a “through” trail alignment is feasible between the Glenbrook Country Club in Stroud Township and Glen Park in the Borough of Stroudsburg.
Glen to Glen Study Appendix (8 MB .pdf)